Made to measure

Adaptat dorintelor dumneavoastra.

Aside from the traditional products and services, London Tailors brings the made to measure line to the Romanian market, wishing to answer your most specific needs. Made to measure is not only a concept, but evokes a dress code, a lifestyle, the taste for rafinement, attention to details and the need of quality standards in your wardrobe – the measurements, the meticulous cuts, the quality of the fabrics and the coming together of the colours.

London Tailors sets out to bring back to life a tradition in male tailoring, that of the tailor made suit and to bring back the elegance and the prestige of english sartorial customs closer to you. You will have the option of personalizing your choices and put together a wide array of designs, quality fabrics, accesories and personal details that will give uniqueness to the garments you wear and will bring out your style and personality. The suites are hand-stitched in our abroad workshops and the premium fabrics are carefully selected from some of the best producers around the world (Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, Cerruti, Loro Piana, Miroglio). If you choose either the ready to wear suits or the made to measure suits, London Tailors is by your side, with services and products that bear the mark of british quality and devotion, and with speciality counseling to assure you always make the right choices.